PPS 8.5 GG Dedicated Model

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GG Dedicated Model. The GG is a limited run printed on our Stretch 8.5 shape This board is ready for any and all terrain, get it and shred it! No crowds needed, just you and this hand crafted shred sled. Made entirely in our Southern California factory  from 100% rock hard Durolite Great Lakes maple for maximum pop and durability. Get it to hang or take this all terrain killer out for some heavy shralping!  

Deck Specs:

Width: 8.5"
Length: 33.25"
Wheelbase: 15.0"
Nose: 7.25"
Tail: 6.75"

Additional Info:

  • Screen Printed by Hand
  • Limited Run
  • 7Ply Hard Rock Durolite Great Lakes Maple
  • Stretch 8.5 Shape
  • Get it and Shred it!