PPS 7.625 Irate Pirate Mini Shred Series

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Irate Pirate 7.625

Most minis are just narrower shapes on existing regular concave so the wheel base is generally much too long for a small kid. Our minis are just the opposite, small wheel base that works right for a small kid and regular width for a stable riding board to learn on or straight rip on!This board is ready for any and all terrain, get it and shred it! No crowds needed, just you and this hand crafted shred sled.

Deck Specs:

Width: 7.625"
Length: 29.5"
Wheelbase: 12.375"
Nose: 6.625"
Tail: 6.0"

Additional Info:

  • Screen Printed by Hand
  • Art By Matt French
  • Mini Shred Concave
  • 7Ply Hard Rock Durolite Canadian Maple
  • MS Blunt 7.625 Shape
  • Get it and Shred it!