Screaming Squeegees

Screaming Squeegees was originally founded by Chicken Deck, and Kelly Bellmar. In 1987, in 2006 Kelly left to pursue his woodshop and skate co. Factory Mfg. Chicken stuck with Screaming Squeegees riding out the heat transfer craze staying true to the art of screen printing. We have printed decks for just about every company at one time or another. Screaming Squeegees specializes in skateboard screen printing and is world renown for having the highest quality printing in the biz!

Here’s a list of some of the companies we’ve printed for over the years.

101, 60/40, ATM Click, ACME, Aesthetics, Alien Workshop, Alva, Assault, Bahne, Baker, Basic, BBC (Better Board Company), Beer City, Bike, Birdhouse, Birdhouse Projects, Bitch, Black Label, Blind, Blueprint, Bronze Age, BDS (Bulldog Skates), Bulldog Skateboard Art, California Generics, Chocolate, Cliche, Clockwork, Consolidated, City Stars, Daggers, Deathwish, Deck Crafters, Dog Town Skates, Dregs, Element, Underworld Element, Emergency, Epic, Experience, Factory MFG., Fantasy Factory, Firm, Flip, Focus, Foundation, Fuct, Formula One, Friend, Girl, Goodtimes, Gumball 3000,Hammers, Habitat , Hook-Ups, JK Ind., Kingdom, Koping Killers, Kryptonics, FM, Liberty, LSD (Losi Skate Designs), Lucero, Mad Circle, Madrid, Makaha, Microsoft, Milk Skateboard Goods (MSG), Molotov, Natural Koncept, Neighborhood, New Deal, New School, N-Men, Old Star, People, Pharmacy, Planet Earth, Plan B, Pocket Pistols Skates (PPS), Poker, Popwar, Public, Reaction, Red Kross, Rhythm, Serial Killer, Sexpak Stix, Shattered Skates, Shitbird, Shortys, Six Gun, Skaterbuilt, Skull Skates, SMA Rocco Divison, Small Room, Small Beating, Steadham, Stereo, Street League Skateboarding, Strike, Suger Sports, Supernaut, Supreme, Swindle, Termite, Torque, Triple X, Vallely Skateboards, World Industries, Wounded Knee, Zero, Zimbabwe